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Other people’s energy affecting you

High Sensitive PersonsPosted by Annet de Zwart High Sensitive Coaching Sun, March 11, 2018 17:19:07

HSP’s are always having trouble being affected by other people’s energy. They experience feelings, moods and stress from others. Sometimes they are not even aware of what kind of energy it is and they just feel angry, upset or something else and they cannot understand why they are feeling it because nothing happened that could create that feeling. You can pick feelings up from others, even feeling tired or stressed. Hsp’s can be like sponges, absorbing things from others who might not even be aware of their own feelings. So you might know what someone is feeling before they realize what it is they are feeling. This can be confusing if you tell them what you sense and that person denies it. If they don’t realize yet what it is they are feeling they are not lying to you, they are simply unaware of what they are feeling.

Sometimes you only have to enter a room and feel suddenly depressed, anxious or sad. HSP’s are more in tune with the world around them and often focused on the outside world and they are affected by all things around them. Just think how different you would feel, regardless of your personal state, sitting on a bench in a very busy street in big city compared to sitting on a bench next to a beautiful lake, or in a forest with a nice view. These are all outside you but they are affecting your feelings and state of being. Just like persons around you.

This is all an energy matter, your energy is being influenced by others. Because you are not aware of your own body and its energy, other energy can creep in and affect you. Sometimes people say: ’this person is so horrible, I always feel totally drained when I am in the same area for an hour with them’. The thing is, it’s not the other persons fault. Everyone and everything emits a certain energy, some are stronger than others and some are more pleasant than others, like the forest view, ocean side or a happy person vs. an angry person. If someone is very happy and cheerful it will be very nice to absorb that energy and you will probably enjoy that feeling even though you didn’t create it yourself. A negative energy affecting you will be less enjoyable. The problem is we can be totally unaware of this happening, and we are taught from early on to be focused on what others are feeling and thinking of us, how we come across. We are told that focusing on yourself is selfish and egoistic, not a good thing. And sometimes we are simply not taught to look after ourselves. Even a simple question like, “How do you feel about that?” is not always asked.

So no wonder we don’t know what is going on and were our energy is and mostly, who's it is.

So what to do about it? It really is a simple practice; learn how to be aware of your body, what does it feel like? Asking questions, what does it like, need? Your body knows an awful lot about how you are feeling, it can give you all the information you need. Knowing how your body feels in a relaxed state, in a stressed state or when you are sad or angry will set a base, a norm so to speak. Paying attention to your body helps you become familiar with your own patterns and state. Really becoming aware of what you feel and where you feel it in your body will help you identify what is going on. If you are stressed, where do you feel this? Chest? Stomach? Head? And what do you feel there? Pain, an anxious feeling, a bal of heat, cold?

Once you are familiar with how your body feels in different states it gets so much easier to recognize when you're feeling someone else’s energy. Simply making a habit of asking yourself: “How do I feel, how does my body feel, what does my body want?” can make a big difference. In the beginning you will need to remind yourself all the time to think about this. You could even set an alarm to remind yourself to do this. You might need a little time to figure out how your body is feeling, just be patient with yourself. Once you do it more often you will start doing this automatically and after time you will know instantly if you focus your attention on it.

So go ahead and set a timer or alarm on your phone or watch every hour or two hours to begin with and when the alarm goes of ask yourself; How am I feeling, how does my body feel? Any stress, tension, or other feelings anywhere? If you do this for a week you will recognize what you are feeling much easier and you will also start recognizing what is yours, and when you are absorbing someone else's energy or feelings. Then it will be much easier to let go if it is not yours.

If you have any questions or comments, write them below and I’ll get back to them!

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