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Different kinds of Energy

High Sensitive PersonsPosted by Annet de Zwart High Sensitive Coaching Mon, July 02, 2018 12:53:09

How do you go through life? Do you tend to look at things from a positive perspective? Or are you looking at it from a more pessimistic view? You might think you have a realistic perspective. All ways of looking at life have an energy to it. There are two kinds of energy in life, anabolic and catabolic. Anabolic is the energy were things feel good, it is an expanding, growing, nurturing, building energy. The other is catabolic energy, this energy can feel draining, heavy, contracting and destructive. There is a famous quote saying: “Everything is Energy”. This is what I’ve come to believe is true. Every word, thought, feeling, action, event has energy in it. Mostly this is referred to as simply positive or negative. But this is only the simplified version, there is much more to it than just positive or negative.

How we perceive the world, creates our world. Energy is the base for how we experience things, for how we feel and think about it. If you look at a specific situation it can have different meaning for people. For instance, you probably know the expression “The glass is half empty or half full”. You could see it either way, some people think it is best to see it half empty, they believe you will not get disappointed so quickly because you were already expecting the situation, you prepare yourself for bad things happening. The thing is, if you believe the glass is half empty, you see the world through a catabolic lens and you are actually attracting the same energy as you put out there, also influencing the world around you. There are plenty of tests to be found on the internet that show your energy effects life around you. For instance, when you take two groups of plants, and both are given the same amount of water and nutrients, one group is lovingly tended after, spoken to with kind words and feelings of love and kindness, and the second group is tended with all kinds of negative thoughts and is spoken to in an angry way. The results will be that the negatively treated plants will wither and will not thrive and the other group will look very healthy and grow better. There are all kinds of variations of this test, another is being done with three closed jars with boiled rice for instance. They are kept closed for several weeks, each jar gets a daily dose of emotions; spoken to in a certain way and sending feelings to it, one gets treated neutral, one treated angry and the last treated with love and kindness. The one treated with love and kindness will not go moldy and spoil and the one which is treated with anger has more mold and decay then the neutral jar.

These are examples of how catabolic energy effects things. This also happens in our lives. If we surround ourselves with lots of catabolic energy we will have more problems and attract difficulty. Now it is not only a matter of having positive and anabolic people in our lives. Our own thoughts, feelings and actions also send out energy and attract like energy. And this is something we can have more control of!

So the energy effects everything in our surrounding and ourselves. It is like you are looking through a lens and depending on which one you see through it determines what you see and experience.

There are always two main components which create your world, you and your surroundings. Your effect on your surroundings is limited to a certain extent. You might want to win the lottery or be in a happier and healthier workplace but there are all these other people also influencing their surroundings. Some are consciously doing that and most others in total ignorance.

The interesting thing is once you start consciously changing your energy you also effect the world around you. You might not effect your angry and bitter boss so much, but a little, yes. You could even meet a person on your way home who offers you a job at a nicer and healthier workplace. Once you start changing your energy you start changing your world. In the beginning you might not see a huge difference but eventually things will start changing. It is like an oil stain which grows bigger and bigger. Of course there is a difference between thinking anabolic thoughts and action, if your actions are not aligned with your thoughts you will still feel struggles. These are all complicated automated patterns in your brains that have been in place, sometimes for many years. So it does take some awareness and effort to change things.

The Energy Leadership Index assessment will help you get these patterns clear and have awareness of their existence. Once you have that awareness you can change or replace the patterns into new ones that create a better fit to your plans for the future and for having the life you want. Until the 20th of July I am offering the ELI assessment for the reduced price of €95,- (instead of 149,-). For more information email me at annet@highsensitivecoaching.com

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